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We’ve all been impacted by illness. Whether experienced personally or through the health challenges of a loved one, we all, unfortunately, know the hardships illness can bring to our families and communities. Participation in clinical research is one way to directly combat illnesses that have affected our loved ones and/or ourselves. Whether inspired to explore participating in a clinical trial by a personal journey, or the health journey of a friend or family member, our team is here to welcome you, answer your questions, and provide as much information as possible to support you with an informed decision.


Whether healthy or battling an illness, people of every age, race, color, gender, and sexual orientation, of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, and from all walks of life, are needed. Together with researchers we can move toward a healthier future for generations to come. Research participants are partners in this critical effort to improve the health of all individuals, families, and communities in Wisconsin.

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Our team activates challenging clinical trials while safeguarding ongoing clinical research implementation.

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