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The University of Wisconsin Clinical Trials Institute, a partnership between the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and UW Health, prides itself on serving as the primary source of information about clinical research at the UW, including the latest news, updates and information for research teams, highlighting shared accomplishments of our research community, opportunities for researchers and industry to collaborate with us, as well as opportunities for the larger community to participate in groundbreaking clinical research at UW.


There are several ways to engage with the UW Clinical Trials Institute at UW–Madison and UW Health, where we are working to establish a central repository for all things clinical research including the latest news and updates for research teams, highlights on the shared accomplishments of our research community, and opportunities to collaborate and guide our ongoing work.


Whether you are a potential participant in a clinical trial, a member of our research community, or an industry partner, please explore the options below to learn more about the UW Clinical Trials Institute, the many facets of UW’s larger research community, and how you, or your organization, can get involved!

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About Us

The University of Wisconsin Clinical Trials Institute works with the exceptionally talented clinical research workforce at UW–Madison and UW Health to increase patient and community participation in clinical trials; foster communication and information sharing among the larger research community; and forge public-private partnerships to help advance discovery.

Whether experienced personally or through the health challenges of a loved one, we all, unfortunately, know the hardships illness can bring to our families and communities. Participation in clinical research is one way to directly combat illnesses that have affected our loved ones and/or ourselves.

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Using science to inform prevention, detection, and treatment options requires an exceptional and comprehensive workforce. We have an outstanding clinical research community at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and UW Health.

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Public and private sector partnerships can support and enhance scientific discovery by using unique strengths. We invite industry partners to learn more about engaging with UW­–Madison and UW Health investigators and patients to collaboratively identify, design, and advance cutting-edge research.