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Slated to open in 2024, Eastpark Medical Center will be a state-of-the-art, 469,000 square foot ambulatory care facility on the east side of Madison, housing adult oncology, including some of the world’s most advanced technology in radiation and radiation oncology treatment and therapies, women’s complex care, advanced specialty care, advanced imaging, and laboratory services, along with innovative clinical trials.


Eastpark embodies the transformation of the patient experience in ambulatory care within the larger UW Health system of healthcare. The aim is to improve access to care while also providing a consistent, well-coordinated experience allowing patients to see multiple providers, utilize all applicable services, and access appropriate clinical trials during a single visit.


As an academic medical center, UW Health is one of the nation’s leaders in clinical research. Eastpark Medical Center is the next step in the health system’s continued efforts to integrate studies of new therapies and treatments directly into patient care. To realize this vision, strategic spaces are designed within the building including an Infusion Center to accommodate oncology, non-oncology, and clinical trials infusions, a Clinical Research Unit (CRU) to assist complex clinical trials participants with lengthier treatments, and a Research Lab to process same-day biological samples from trial participants.


Research will be integrated into clinic workflows and staffing models that will meet the needs of clinical, ancillary, and research teams. This integrated, patient-centric approach optimizes the participant experience, and improves collaboration between teams, allowing for more flexibility and the ability to bring research opportunities to all patients at the right time and in the right place.

Clinical Trials at Eastpark: A Research Forum Series

As we prepare for the opening of the Eastpark Medical Center, the Clinical Trials Institute is hosting a series of online Research Forums that will focus on a range of topics regarding clinical trials operations at Eastpark and will feature a variety of presenters.


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May 22


Learn more about transportation, facilities, technology, and other planned services to help support and advance your daily work at the Eastpark Medical Center.

March 19


Betsy Nugent, chief clinical research officer, UW Health and SMPH, and Dr. Rafael Veintimilla, senior director clinical trials integration and medical science liaison, UW CTI, discuss patient-centric clinical research and how the experience of clinical trial participants will be optimized via Eastpark’s integration of research into clinic workflows and staffing models to meet the needs of clinical, ancillary, and research teams.

February 7 


Betsy Nugent, chief clinical research officer, UW Health and SMPH, provided a general overview of clinical trials operations at Eastpark. Topics included building hours and the timeline to opening, an overview of building services and research-specific spaces, and what is meant by “integrated clinical trials” and a “patient-centric workflow.”

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