Eastpark Clinical Trials FAQs

Eastpark Clinical Trials FAQs

This FAQ is intended for research-specific questions related to Eastpark Medical Center. General information, feature stories, press releases, and points of interest about the building and its operations can be found on the Eastpark Medical Center U-Connect page (A U-Connect login is required to access this content).


Where will research be conducted at Eastpark Medical Center?

Research will be integrated into the clinical environment, taking place within any specialty that wants to conduct research at Eastpark. A phased approach will be taken to ensure a smooth transition. Oncology will be the focus for the Phase 1 rollout, going live when the building opens in Fall 2024.


Specifically, there are three “research-specific” spaces within the building:

    • Research Lab – 1st Floor of the South Tower
      • Combined space for the Circulating Biomarker Core, Cancer Pharmacology Lab, and Biobank processing
      • Additional space for non-oncology use, to be activated when non-oncology research goes live


    • Clinical Research Unit (CRU) – 2nd Floor of the South Tower
      • 6 private rooms
      • 8 bays
      • CRU specimen processing lab


    • Research-only exam and consult rooms – 2nd Floor of the North Tower
      • To be used for visits that will not occur within the clinics or CRU, e.g., physical exams, blood draws, consents, etc.
How do we reserve touchdown space in the admin area on the 2nd Floor of the North Tower? What is the workstation setup?

All touchdown space will be reservable via Room Finder in MS Booking. The reservation system will indicate what IS equipment is available in the space.

Where will research staff sit in the clinics?

Space for research staff has been allocated within the Team Workrooms at the back of each clinic module, across the hall from the Team Collaboration space.

What are the building hours?

Core building hours are 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Various departments may have extended hours. We will provide further updates when finalized schedules are available.


What are ``integrated clinical trials``?

Clinical trials at Eastpark will be streamlined within the clinic environment via integration into clinical workflows and staffing models that meet the needs of  clinical, ancillary, and research teams.


There will be a unified patient experience for clinical trials participants in terms of registration, check-in, wayfinding, etc.


Scheduling of research resources (CRU, research only rooms) will be done in Health Link and patients can view their appointments and instructions on MyChart.


There is an onsite, centralized lab for processing of research samples.


How do we schedule rooms in the CRU?

This workflow is in process. We’ll provide further updates once it’s finalized.

How do we schedule the research-only rooms in the administrative space on the 2nd Floor of the North Tower?

These rooms will be scheduled in Health Link. Scheduling workflows are in development, and we will provide further updates once they’re finalized.

What are the hours for the Infusion Center?

8 am – 8 pm, Monday through Friday (Infusion Center and Cancer Symptom Management Clinic)


8 am – 12 pm, Saturday (Infusion Center)


8 am – 2 pm, Saturday (Cancer Symptom Management Clinic)

What are the hours for the CRU?

Due to staffing limitations, the CRU will have limited hours when the building opens in Fall 2024. We will provide further updates when the schedule is finalized.

Will research theranostics take place at Eastpark?

At this time, only Phase 3, standard of care research theranostics is planned for Eastpark. Phase 1 and 2 trials will remain at University Hospital.

How soon will we start scheduling participants at Eastpark? Which research activities can be supported there?

Scheduling will be dependent on the capabilities required for a particular visit within a given study. A workgroup is developing a Site Capability Matrix to help determine which visits can be scheduled at which location. Once complete, the matrix will be published and an update on scheduling availability will be provided at that time (completion is estimated for Summer 2024).


What is the plan for sample transport?

Samples will be transported between Eastpark and UH/WIMR Monday – Friday, from 0700 – 1845 (no weekend/holiday service).


Trips will leave each location every 30 minutes.


    • UH/WIMR: The first pick-up will be at 0700; the last drop-off will be at 1845 at Eastpark.
    • Eastpark: The first pick-up will be at 0700; the last drop-off will be at 1845 at UH/WIMR.


We will post a finalized schedule once it’s available.

Is shuttle service planned for staff, clinicians?

To be determined. A business plan is in development.

Will parking be free for all staff members at Eastpark?

Yes, surface parking, as well as some designated areas in the parking ramp will be free for staff members.