Why We Need Black Men for Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials

By Tamieka Welsh, BlackDoctor+org

Finding out you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer can cause unwarranted stress and anxiety especially if you are unfamiliar with the diagnosis, what caused it or your next steps for treatment. The journey towards understanding and managing this condition often begins with a flood of questions and concerns.

The American Cancer Society reported that in 2024, they estimate there will be approximately 299,010 new cases of prostate cancer and around 35,250 new deaths attributed to the disease. They highlighted a notable decline in yearly prostate cancer diagnoses between 2007 and 2014, largely due to reduced screening following changes in screening guidelines. However, since 2014, there has been an overall 3 percent annual rise in incidence rates, notably reaching about 5 percent per year for advanced-stage prostate cancer cases. Read more…