NIH director’s visit to UW–Madison highlights biomedical research, future opportunities

By Rodee Schneider, UW News

As one of the nation’s leading research institutions, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has been at the forefront of countless medical breakthroughs. On Friday, May 31, National Institutes of Health Director Monica Bertagnolli got an up-close view of some of UW’s cutting-edge work to tackle the biggest medical issues of the day, from advances in cancer treatments to bringing research into primary care settings.

Bertagnolli’s trip to campus included meetings with UW researchers and a public conversation with Chancellor Jennifer L. Mnookin, where she discussed NIH funding and new opportunities to improve the nation’s health.

Leading in biohealth innovation

The daylong visit highlighted the university’s groundbreaking work in areas such as theranostics and precision medicine, and Bertagnolli heard how UW–Madison researchers are combining data-driven diagnostics and innovative technologies to develop highly targeted cancer treatments. Zachary Morris, co-director for the Initiative for Theranostics and Particle Therapy, described how new approaches will not only improve patient outcomes, but also enhance business collaborations, ultimately stimulating economic growth. Read more…