Wisconsin designated as Regional Tech Hub for biohealth – with UW–Madison helping lead the way

By Rodee Schneider, University of Wisconsin- Madison News

With today’s announcement that Wisconsin has received a Regional Technology and Innovation Hub (Tech Hub) designation focused on biohealth, the University of Wisconsin–Madison expands its national leadership as a collaborative powerhouse in personalized medicine, bioscience and technology.

“UW–Madison is thrilled to be part of the groundbreaking collaboration that helped secure the state’s Regional Tech Hub designation,” says Chancellor Jennifer M. Mnookin. “Our culture of innovation and strong collaborative spirit, both within the university and across the state, make us well-positioned to make the most of this important opportunity.”

The Tech Hub designation opens the doors for millions in federal funding, as well as the opportunity to bring significant new private investment to the state’s biohealth industry. It is expected to generate a substantial number of new jobs, further boosting the state’s biohealth sector and enhancing employment opportunities for local communities.

“The Regional Tech Hub designation confirms what we already know about Wisconsin: When it comes to bringing together the best in research and development, cutting-edge manufacturing, highly skilled and educated workers and a commitment to relentless improvement, no state is better prepared to lead the way,” says Missy Hughes, secretary and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. “This is a huge win in creating an economy for all, where everyone has the opportunity to live healthy, prosperous lives.” Read more…