Industry-sponsored Clinical Trials Budget Template to launch July 1

The UW Clinical Trials Institute (CTI) will implement a budget template in support of a consistent clinical trials budgeting experience for industry sponsors across SMPH and UW Health. The budget template will go into effect July 1, 2023, for all new industry-sponsored studies.

“The budget template will help make the administration and operations of clinical trials at UW more efficient and effective,” said Betsy Nugent, chief clinical research officer, SMPH and UW Health.

The effort aims to standardize the research startup and recurring administrative and operational non-procedural research fees for industry-sponsored clinical trials at SMPH and UW Health. This will help ensure that clinical trials are adequately budgeted for and financed by industry sponsors and enables the CTI to be consistent in its asks from industry partners across the organization.

The process to develop a budget template and supporting documentation was led by a workgroup, assembled in June 2021, which was comprised of research administrative and financial experts across several SMPH departments. The budget template outlines required fees and ranges, along with supporting documentation explaining the research fees, to assist study teams in the development and negotiation of budgets for industry sponsored clinical trials.

“The collaborative nature of this effort led to a strong final product, and we’re excited to roll it out,” Nugent said. “We see it as a tool to help advance our community’s commitment to the overall quality of clinical trials conducted at UW.”

The budget template will be rolled out across SMPH and UW Health by July 1.

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