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UW–Madison announces Clinical Trials Institute–alliance with Site Accreditation & Standards Institute (SASI)


A major academic medical center in the Midwest has established a centralized hub for the development of more collaborative, streamlined, effective and efficient processes in the administration and operation of clinical trials at UW-Madison and UW-Health. The new Clinical Trials Institute represents the coming together of UW Health and the UW School of Medicine and Public Health to advance health care innovations via clinical trials at UW-Madison. Led by Betsy Nugent, who has participated in past TrialSite interviews, the group will seek to bolster consistency, quality and safety not to mention optimized resource allocation as UW-Madison ramps up its competitive position in the academic medical research ecosystem. This initiative isn’t done in a vacuum. UW-Madison reflected on areas for research improvement which led to a partnership with the novel, disruptive Site Accreditation & Standards Institute (SASI), the first comprehensive trial site accreditation worldwide. UW-Madison seeks to kick up several notches its ability to conduct, scale up and drive both academic and industry-initiated clinical trials.

TrialSite reported on internal audits done a few years ago at UW-Madison signifying the need to regroup, evaluate and improve the research enterprise, for improvements to quality, patient safety and engagement and competitive performance.

UW-Madison brought on board Betsy Nugent to lead that research enterprise in August 2019, as reported by TrialSite. Later that year, Nugent did a podcast with TrialSite, discussing how to create foundations for a dynamic clinical research program. Read more …