Person looking at an Apple Watch

Technology advances how we design clinical trials: Wearables, devices, and data

By Wessam Sonbol, The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

In the June 2022 Clinical Researcherwe discussed how the clinical research enterprise embraced newer technology solutions more quickly than usual due to the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to overcome in order to keep clinical trials moving forward.

In just the short time since that article, clinical researchers and study teams around the globe have widely adopted technology solutions that will forever change how clinical trials are designed and conducted moving forward. Sure, traditional clinical trials are still being conducted in person, but simultaneously virtual, decentralized, and hybrid clinical trials are also growing in numbers—removing geographical boundaries for patient participants, which has led to a much-needed increase in patient diversity, too.

As with any new frontier, we get excited about the progress that has clearly been accomplished and about continuing to push ahead toward the positive gains. However, with all the good strides we have taken as a field, it is important to also hear, acknowledge, and adequately address the concerns of clinical researchers and patients alike when moving forward. Here are a few observations we’ve made these past few months in the field, as well as some strong technology solutions we’ve been able to see proposed, created, or implemented along the way. Read more …