A speedboat with a wake behind it

Development velocity: Longstanding challenges in drug development

By Donna Conroy, The Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Throughout 2022, some of our industry’s most influential leaders have expressed concerns about the economic and public health challenges that result from slow drug development. After fast-tracked COVID-19 therapies proved development can be accelerated, the status quo is being challenged.

It is time for our industry to address development’s longstanding challenges—beginning with naming and defining the problem: Development Velocity is the speed a pharmaceutical company moves a therapy through the development process and into the market.

Development Velocity (DV) is a mission-critical metric that yields financial benefits and expedites time to market by enhancing both sides of pharma’s ledger through cost reductions and earlier revenue. Incorporating DV into our industry’s lexicon and best practices is vital to wholly accelerating drug development. Read more …