Stethoscope and virtual network.

What does the future hold for decentralized clinical trials?

By Ed Miseta, Clinical Leader

What can we expect to see from decentralized trials in the next three years, and what are the challenges sponsor companies will need to overcome? A webinar hosted by IBM Watson hoped to answer that question and many others. In part 1 of this article the panel looked at precision medicine and real-world data. In this article the panel discusses the future of decentralized trials, how they will evolve, the role of technology, capabilities, and cost factors.

The discussion featured Lorraine Marchand, general manager of life sciences at IBM Watson Health; Nimita Limaye, research VP, Life Sciences R&D Strategy and Technology at IDC Health Insights; and Greg Cunningham, director of the RWE Center of Excellence at Eli Lilly and Company.

The Role Of Technology

With all the talk about precision medicine, RWD, and decentralized trials, it’s important to remember that technology will be the game changer and enabler that brings the needed data together. While the industry attempts to figure out the right use cases, bringing together the right data will be paramount. Data interoperability will be the game changer enabling future innovation. Read more …