Two young boys enter a clinical office to participate in a pediatric clinical trial.

UW doctors say Moderna pediatric vaccine development possible thanks to little heroes

By Rhonda Foxx,

“When it was getting close to them, starting 5K, we were just a little more worried,” said Tony Rodriguez.

So he and his wife Anne Rodriguez enrolled their four-year-old twin boys in Moderna’s COVID-19 pediatric vaccine trial during preschool.

“If it’s a choice of doing nothing at all, or doing something that might help us, that’s not really a choice at all,” said Rodriguez.

The four-year-olds participated in this weeks-long clinical trial to help people they’ll never meet. UW Health lead COVID-19 vaccine investigator Dr. William Hartman said that makes them heroes.

“Nobody wants another shot, but these kids said that they were willing to give it a try,” said Dr. William Hartman.

“If we could give some other families some peace of mind because of the small risks that we took, I think that’s completely worthwhile,” said Rodriguez.

The trial showed side effects of this pediatric vaccine appear to be mild. Read more …