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It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the initial UW/UWH Clinic Research Office (CRO) operations site, where we are working to establish a central repository for all things clinical research including the latest news and updates for research teams, highlights on the shared accomplishments of our research community and opportunities to collaborate and guide our ongoing work.


Since being established last year, there has been an outpouring of support and willingness to co-create a vision for our clinical research work at UW and UWH!  Have we been tested?  Yes.  Daily – sometimes hourly! – not only for COVID-19, but on our ability to adapt to pandemic developments, meet opportunities, learn from one another, manage information overload, keep ourselves healthy, and create new ways to connect and collaborate on- and off-campus with an increasingly engaged Wisconsin public. Read more …

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Our team activates challenging clinical trials while safeguarding ongoing clinical research implementation.

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