Clinical Research Professionals Community of Practice

Where members of the UW–Madison clinical research community connect, share, learn and excel with one another.

What is a Community of Practice (CoP)?


  • CoPs support people who share a particular expertise and/or field of interest and who are seeking to learn from each other to establish and maintain best practices. CoPs can also be established because members share practices in a common setting and/or because members seek to create change through collaboration.


  • To learn more about communities of practice at UW–Madison, click here.


The Clinical Research Personnel CoP:


  • Is open to all research personnel affiliated with UW–Madison and UW Health involved in clinical trials


  • Provides a pathway to engage, inform, and connect with employees who work on clinical research within SMPH and UW Health. It also serves as a professional network to support best practice


You might be interested in joining this CoP if you’ve ever asked yourself:


  • Where do I learn more about clinical research activities at UW–Madison/UW Health?


  • How do I meet people who do work like mine, but in different settings and/or with different patients/research participants than I work with?


  • Can I lend to best practices in clinical research here?


For more information, and to receive updates on the CoP, please Contact Us.

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