Nurse checking a patient's blood pressure.

Sharing the who, what, why, and how of clinical research careers

By David J. Morin, The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

We all know our industry faces a critical workforce shortage. It’s disconcerting to think about potential treatments and cures that are stalled now because we simply don’t have enough skilled clinical trial professionals to run vital trials.

We must find ways to increase the diversity of the clinical trial workforce. At the same time, we must find ways to grow the clinical trial workforce.

Your Association is committed to meeting both challenges head on. Last year, we worked with a variety of enthusiastic and committed figures to develop a Diversity Advisory Council (DAC). The members of this esteemed group of thought leaders serve as volunteers supporting ACRP’s efforts to advance the important work of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the clinical research enterprise.

Further, in July, ACRP launched a powerful new campaign, “Ready, Set, Clinical Research!™” It’s a multi-layered program designed to spread the word about the amazing career opportunities in clinical research—especially to audiences whose members may not have been exposed to our wonderful profession yet. Read more …