Diamond inspection

Rough diamonds: Hiring Gen Z to become future clinical trial experts

Millennials and Gen Z can bring in fresh ideas but time and investment from hiring companies is required.

By Urtė Fultinavičiūtė, Clinical Trials Arena

Flipping through pages of résumés from young people for entry level roles is a daunting task for any company—while such applicants may bring in loads of enthusiasm, they are thin on experience. There are no degrees that spell out clinical research as a clear career trajectory, making it tough for sponsors or CROs to find young professionals with the potential to be future clinical trial experts.

There is also the generational divide to contend with. Millennials and Generation Z, specifically ones born in the 1990s, are turned off by the notion of the workplace grind culture. Now, young people prioritise flexible working arrangements and strive for a healthy work/life balance.

But there is no denying the sector needs new recruits to address the anticipated rise of retirement rates among clinical trial experts down the line. Young professionals’ energy can bring new perspectives, especially in a sector that is defined by necessary but rigid frameworks. When the clinical trial sponsor finds a young professional who “gets it”—it can indeed be like finding a diamond in the rough. Read more …