A family sitting in their backyard.

Many try to return to normal from COVID, but disabled people face a different reality

By Shruti Rajkumar, NPR

Beth Kenny is immunocompromised but found a routine that worked for their family during the pandemic, leaning into safe protocols to protect themselves from COVID-19.

Kenny’s wife could pick up the groceries, and social distancing measures and vaccines allowed their family to do activities together outside safely. And the precautions helped Kenny’s wife safely ride the bus and go to the library with their child Vyla without putting their family’s health at risk.

The sense of safety the routine provided them during all this time came to an end in February, when the mask mandate for indoor spaces ended in their home state of California.

Now, nearly the entire country has lifted COVID-19 safety precautions such as mask mandates on buses and airplanes and in restaurants and other indoor settings. Read more …