The Rodriguez family participates in Moderna's KidCOVE clinical trial.

UW Health set to start vaccinating kids under 5

By Gillian Rawling, NBC 15

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized the COVID-19 vaccine for kids under five on Saturday and UW Health experts say they’re ready to start rolling out vaccinations in Wisconsin as early as the end of this week.

Dr. Bill Hartman, the Co-Principal Investigator of UW’s KidCOVE Moderna pediatric vaccine clinical trial for kids under five in Madison, said the approval is a dream come true for many of the families of younger children.

“There’s families all across this state that have been pining for these vaccines so they can get their kids protected and start living the lives that had hoped for when their kids were born,” Hartman explained Monday afternoon.

While COVID-19 numbers have been decreasing for kids under five in Dane County, Dr. Hartman said this and the notion that COVID doesn’t affect kids, which Hartman said is false, shouldn’t be reason not to vaccinate. Read more …