A group of healthcare professionals at UW Health who contributed to the success of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials.

UW plays a leading role in vaccine clinical trials in the fight against COVID-19

By Dr. William Hartman, UW Health

In a little over 18 months, UW-Madison has conducted COVID vaccine and treatment trials in all age groups (ages 7 months- 96 years old). These trials are a representation of all people (race, religion, sex) in Wisconsin- nearly 700 participants.

Under intense media scrutiny, and in a deeply divided political climate, the clinical research teams conducted these trials efficiently, properly, compassionately, and with the highest standards anywhere. The coordinators, pharmacists, regulatory specialists, administrators, nurses, technicians, and physicians are the reason that UW-Madison is a recognized leader in this fight to end this world-wide pandemic.

Their incredible drive, attention to detail, and compassion for others everywhere truly emulate the Wisconsin Idea and exemplify what it means to be a Badger.